Michigan Ribs Fest

JULY 1 - 4, 2016  


Michigan Ribs Fest



Handy Hearts

Handy HeartsHandy Hearts is dedicated to provide the funding for integrative therapies for cancer patients to maintain or improve quality of life.

Handy Hearts firmly believes in treating the body as a whole through nutrition and exercise, the best line of defense in battling cancer. In addition to the non-negotiable nutrition coaching & exercise therapy plans (depending on the patients limitations) we also provide the funding to support 8 weeks of additional integrative therapies that best suit the patients needs: massage therapy, acupuncture, reiki, yoga, sauna treatments, chiropractic care/physical therapy when the insurance policy does not cover these services.

Handy Hearts was founded with the goal to decrease the statistics, one cancer patient at a time. There is no age requirement or limitation. We do not limit our assistance to certain types of cancer. Anyone with a cancer diagnosis is eligible for assistance to maintain or gain quality of life. Anyone diagnosed with cancer deserves the best battle their body can fight with the best quality of life, without the stress of not having the proper resources. Handy Hearts, Inc. will provide a helping hand for healing hearts!

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Healthy Detroit

Healthy DetroitHealthy Detroit is a 501(c)(3) public health organization dedicated to building a culture of healthy, active living in the city of Detroit. Founded in late 2013, Healthy Detroit formed in response to the US Surgeon General’s National Prevention Strategy (NPS). Commissioned under the Affordable Care Act, the NPS provides advice on choosing the most effective and achievable means for improving health and well-being. It envisions a prevention-oriented society where all sectors recognize the value of health for individuals, families, and society and work together to achieve better health for all. Through implementation of the National Prevention Strategy, Healthy Detroit strives to provide Detroiters with the education, resources, and empowerment needed to live healthy and happy lives. This vision has been nationally recognized as the feature organization in the US Surgeon General’s 2013/2014 Annual Status Report to the President and Congress.

Healthy Detroit’s vision includes the development of HealthParks throughout the city of Detroit. Combining the best practices found in public health and placemaking, a HealthPark is designed to build a culture of health through an inclusive, collaborative effort. HealthParks will provide residents with a one stop shop for everything needed to live healthy lives. This includes your typical park amenities, a farmer’s market, outdoor fitness center, preventive care clinic, and indoor/outdoor recreation/wellness center. It also includes the ongoing health-related programming necessary for lasting community engagement. Through this effort, HealthParks will essentially serve as town squares of healthy living in Detroit’s neighborhoods